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Geoengineering as the biggest finance bubble of mankind!


1. Casino of Banksters

1. Casino of Banksters

Wetterderivate [ Weather Derivates ]
" Weather indices of German stock exchange markets open a cost free access to the economically relevant weather data. Further these indices, after reaching marketability, will serve as underlying for the weather derivatives traded at Eurex. On this website You get general information about weather derivatives and the Eurex products in planning."

Consider that weather always means also water, sunlight, air and soil! The bankster casino is betting on all of this!

Climate Engineering, the new toy of banksters!
Satellite view of Tropospheric Water Grabbing

At least after the finance crisis of 2008,
the bubble of 1990s,
the real estate bubble of the 1980s,
the petrol bubble of the 1970s,
we all have experienced and should have understood that it is all a Ponzi Scheme. We are living in a Casino of Banksters.

But the biggest bubble they have ever produced is the CO2 bubble, or we could call it also Geoengineering bubble or Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management bubble or the bubble made to get total control on global water and carbon cycle!

How is that possible? It is possible because You, the people are DUMB and I was also dumb! But now as I am awake, I feel lost because as a small fish in a swarm of billions I also can't escape and it is nearly impossible to wake You up!

As You behave like sheep, You will be treated as sheeple!
As You are are frightened to think, You are loved as cowards!
At the end You will be slaughtered like pigs!

Thanks to everybody waking up!

It is time to remember that You are human, able to think complex inter-dependencies over a lifetime and generations!

This empire is actually weak, its power is the power of suggestion, manipulation, deception! Don't behave like wild animals, fearing to cross a fake fence! The concept of "conspiracy theory blame" is that fake fence!

Even now You don't need to fantasize, just read the publications of the Empire of Deception

Yet again proving, that the climatechange scam is foremost the biggest finance bubble of mankind!

Maybe the the best selfrevealing website about the CO2 finance bubble! They are very self-confident about the success of their propaganda, that they brag about the balloon they blow.

The dream about trillions of fraud money!

Carbon Pricing Becomes a Cause for the World Bank and I.M.F.
"The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are pressing governments to impose a price tag on planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, using economic leverage and technical assistance that institutions like the United Nations cannot muster."
"But the leaders of the World Bank, the I.M.F. and other major global institutions say cutting emissions enough to stave off the worst effects of climate change will not be possible unless all fossil fuel polluters are forced to pay for the carbon dioxide they emit."
“We strongly urge people to prepare for the carbon pricing that is to come.”

The Global Landscape of Climate Finance

Climate finance: Funding a low-carbon global economy

Climate Change Could Cost The World Trillions More Than We Thought

6 banking giants demand strong COP21 deal, pricing carbon

Do You trust banksters?

Do You trust politicians or idiots?

Do You trust water thieves?

Steering the sheeple by fear mongering with framed statistics!
Submitting by "rankings"!

2016 ET Carbon Rankings


TESLA is a very big finance bubble, which will burst soon. It will be much more devastating than the Dot.Com bubble!

However, this will look microscopic compared to the burst of the much bigger finance bubble of CO2 certifications, water rights, climate catastrophe derivatives!

Elon Musk is the best clown of this finance fraud. All will forget about the Ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff.

Tesla is now bigger than Ford despite selling a fraction of the cars — and a threat is looming over the future

Lawrence Solomon: How Tesla’s Elon Musk became the master of fake business
"Musk’s genius is primarily in the subsidy-seeking realm. By 2015, U.S. governments alone had given his companies US$5 billion through direct grants, tax breaks, cut-rate loans, tax credits and rebates"

Prince Charles lobbied to alter climate change policy after his estate secretly invested £86,000 in an offshore firm that would benefit from a rule change, Paradise Papers reveal
  • Duchy of Cornwall bought the stake in Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd
  • Prince campaigned for change weeks after SFM sent lobbying documents to him
  • Duchy bought shares in SFM in 2007 and sold them a year later for $325,000 

PUBLISHED: 19:35 GMT, 7 November 2017 | UPDATED: 00:53 GMT, 8 November 2017

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GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to thieve TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

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