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Fracking Colonialism!

Fracking is a remake of colonialism, but now global!

In the age of colonialism the aggressors apologized their criminal acts as "delivering civilizationto the primitive people and/or bringing them the "right religion" and "rescuing their soles" from hell.

They killed, robbed, abused and enslaved the people in Europe, Africa, America and Asia and washed their bloody hands in "philanthropy". Does it make any difference, if the ruthless, greedy bastards are not called human traders but "philanthropists"?

Now we see a more dangerous, more extensive, more ruthless, more hypocrite, more cynical and brazenly declared colonialization of the world, but the humanity behaves more dump than sheep and lemmings.

What is the meaning of "globalization" for You?

Would You understand and reject it if it was called "global colonialism"?

Who wants to "globalize" You?

If You don't want to be colonialized, You should reject to be globalized!

Global water is colonialized!
Global sunlight is colonialized!
Global oxygen is colonialized!
Global air is colonized!
Global weather is colonized!
Global soil is colonialized!
Global oceans are colonized!
Global food is colonialized!
Global mind is colonized!
Global faiths are colonized!
Global knowledge is colonized!
Global health is colonialized!
Global forests are colonized!
Global life is colonialized!
Global energy is colonized!

That is called globalization!

All that is globalized by global engineering, also called geoengineering, terraforming, climate engineering or just "Solar Radiation Management" (SRM)!

Have You ever "voted" or signed a contract to allow Your sunlight be "managed" by global corporations?

Do You want to give up Your natural right to enjoy sunlight?

All over the world land and water resources are grabbed for industrial farming and fracking of oil and gas!

What does "leave in the ground" for coal means for You, if Your only energy source for heating and cooking is coal?

Why should anyone else decide about Your energy resources?

The legacy "fossil fuels", petrol and coal are demonized, but fracking is done all over the world. Where is the logic?

Do You know how fracking is done?

What is "fracked"?

How it is "fracked"?

Would You agree if they would name it earthquaking instead of "fracturing"?

Fracturing sounds more fancy, more harmless, but earthquakes are "inevitable"!

Recognize that manipulation, conditioning, brainwashing is done by words of language! Your neuronal system is "programmed" by defining new words, redefining the meaning of old words!

Do You want to allow a "trustworthy" "central global body" to give You the permission for the usage Your natural resources?

Do You want to accept a "global climate council" as Your master and happily become its slaves?

Maybe You sleep yet, others are already waking up, but yet in half delirium of manipulation, at least expressing some suspicion:

Hope the West isn't heading towards climate colonialism

"Agreeing" with the "assessment" of the colonialist body IPCC makes You a dumb loser! :-) Never "agree" with Your enemies!

Extreme weather events, health  and material damage are the impact of geoengineering by SRM!

"I agree with the assessment of the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that increased temperature and increased frequency of extreme weather events will have an impact on economic activities, including agricultural production, infrastructure, and health."

Under globalization all people become colonialized! There won't be difference in "developed" and "undeveloped". Geoengineering is attacking and killing all over the world!

"The 2003 heat wave in Europe killed nearly 52,000 people within a fortnight in August. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated southern US; last year, Hurricane Sandy devastated eastern US; and the bushfires in Australia and California, are examples which show that even developed countries are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change."

Feeling good by being as dumb as the "developed"!

"Climate change [geoengineering / climate engineering] affects all nations, developed or developing."

A little awakening at the end!

"It appears that less scientific evidence and more political motives are behind isolating India and China as the most vulnerable countries in the report. I hope developing countries are not heading towards climate colonialism."


Let us learn something about fracking!

What is fracking?

"Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It’s a method of extracting natural gas and oil from shale deposits deep within the earth. Waterchemicals, and sand are pumped into these shale deposits under very high pressure which causes the shale to fracture, releasing the natural gas and oil trapped within. The slurry of water, chemicals, gas, and oil are then slowly pumped back out, leaving the sand to hold the fractures open so the mixture can be removed. As the slurry of chemicals, water, sand, gas and oil is pumped back out of the ground, it is separated into its different components and stored in tanks.

And it’s the removal process where the problems lie for our groundwater. It’s been estimated that anywhere between 20 and 40 percent of the chemicals are left behind. They can then seep into the groundwater, contaminating wells and rendering the water undrinkable. "

"Benzene is one of the chemical components of the chemical cocktail pumped into the ground. It’s a byproduct of petroleum production and a Class A carcinogenBenzene exposure has long been known to cause various forms of leukemia. Benzene exposure to eyes or skin can cause irritation. Drinking benzene in you water causes stomach irritation, vomiting, convulsions, rapid heartbeat and even death."


Report: Fracking took 5.3 million gallons of water per well last year
"Hydraulic fracturing is a water-intensive business: Bursting open just one shale gas well can require pumping millions of gallons of water underground.

Yet much of the United States' fracking activity takes place in areas that are suffering from high or extremely high water stress, according to Ceres, an advocacy group for sustainable investment.

About 57 percent of the nearly 110,000 wells that were hydraulically fractured in the last five years are in these highly stressed regions, including basins in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and California, Ceres found in an interactive map and report published Thursday."

The Fracking Map of CERES.


Fracking: Impacts - Water
"Development of shale energy resources requires a large amount of water, with estimates ranging between two to nine million gallons per well. However, there is a lack of clarity about how much water is used to frack in California."


An Investor Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Stress


Fracking-Flüssigkeiten (Fracking fluids)!


Gas in, gas out: the waterless fracking alternative
Drought raises appeal of using natural gas instead of water to fracture rock in wells


Trinkwasserschutz (drink water protection)

"Wasser ist lebenswichtig. Für ExxonMobil gilt deshalb: Trinkwasserschutz geht vor Energiegewinnung und hat bei der Erdgasförderung oberste Priorität – unabhängig davon, ob das Fracking-Verfahren eingesetzt wird oder nicht."

Betreibt Exxonmobil Im Jahr 2030 ca 1000 Erdöl-und
Erdgasbohrungen in Deutschland und hat bis dahin für die
durchgeführten Fracks etwa 150 verschiedene Chemikalien eingesetzt?


HeatWave RF Heating ESEIEH process

3 Solutions To Water-Intensive Fracking
"Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Fracturing"
"Foam-Based Fracturing"
"Channel Fracturing Technology"

Colonializm by mass destruction of ranking!

What is "carbon efficient"?
Are You carbon efficient?
Can You live with less breathing and eating?
Can You live without carbon?

Why don't they ask for reduction of real poisons like mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminium, uranium is phosphate fertilizers, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, acetone, MEK, toluene, benzene, xylene, polychlorinatedbiphenyl ethers, alcohols. trihalomethanes, phenols, pesticides / insecticides / herbicides, detergents, organo-metalic compounds, sulfides, ammonia, perchlorate?

Why do they attack the molecule of life, CO2?

Accelerating Returns From The Transition To A Low Carbon Economy
"The only public Carbon Ranking of the world’s largest listed companies. The Rankings highlight carbon efficient companies, and those who report on both direct and supply chain emissions."

Further Sources

U.S. shale oil and gas sector surges back to life: Kemp

The shale gas map!

Look at this map to know where the water has to be delivered for hydraulic fracturing of shale petrol and gas!

Learn, where the Tropospheric Aerosol Injection will be applied to harvest and steer the water to the fracking areas.

Learn, where people will be forced to move from by staged extreme weather and/or earthquake catastrophes and wars  and along the water routes, like in Louisiana (USA), North Africa, Middle East. 

Read the maps to get into the mind of fracking psychopaths!

Fracking in North Africa!

I would like to recommend the blog article of Alessandro Bacci from Friday, May 31, 2013 about shale gas fracking in North Africa, particularly Libya, after the disempowerment and killing of Muhammar Ghaddafi.

Shall Libya Develop Its Unconventional Gas Reserves? Some Preliminary Considerations

"Shale gas resources are widely present across much of North Africa. The majority of shale gas is concentrated in Algeria (9th position in the ranking of the countries with shale gas reserves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (E.I.A.) in 2011), Libya (8th position) and Tunisia (25th position). "

"Libya's shale gas reserves are located in two basins: the Ghadames Basin (Tannezuft and Frasnian formations) straddling between Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, and the Sirte Basin (Sirt-Rachmat and Etel formations), which is located entirely within Libya's borders. "

"According to estimates by the E.I.A.: 

Algeria has 231 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of technically recoverable shale gas resources with 159 TCF of proven reserves,

Libya has 290 TCF of technically recoverable shale gas resources with 54.7 TCF of proven reserves, and 

Tunisia has 18 TCF of technically recoverable shale gas resources with 2.3 TCF of proven reserves.

"The map below provides a basic understanding of the world's distribution of shale gas basins. The values are expressed in cubic meter (1 cubic meter is equal to 35.3 cubic feet)."

"differences between conventional and shale gas."

"it's important to underline the issues to be considered before giving the green light to shale gas development in Libya."

"There are at least four major issues:"

"1) The environmental impact — This point was touched upon extensively in Istanbul. The impact of shale drilling (1500 wells to 3000 wells to produce 2 billion standard cubic feet per day (BBCF/d) against 40 wells to 60 wells to produce 2 BBCF/d for conventional gas) on water supplies causes a lot of concern. According to data released last year by Halliburton, a U.S. oilfield services company, a shale well may require up to 5 million gallons of water. This quantity is equal to 50 percent of the water consumed per day in a major city." 

"2) The cost of extraction — Extracting shale gas is a costly operation and requires advanced technologies, which not all the energy companies have. Until recently, there has been no convenience in shale gas, and with market prices below $8.5 per MMBtu the extraction was totally uneconomical. According to I.H.S. CERA, a provider of global market and economic information, shale gas may now be produced at cheaper costs than in the past. And the predictability of shale gas wells, combined with the growing experience in how to reduce the time and cost of drilling and fracking wells, means that currently many firms are claiming to be able to produce shale gas at a marginal cost of less than $4 per MMBtu, as in the U.S. Barnett Shale did George Mitchell in 2009 when he started the 'fracking revolution'. Of course, later the gas has to be sold at a value higher than $4 per MMBtu. "

"In fact, "Out of circa 90 gas discoveries country-wide (non-associated gas and gas cap fields), there are circa 70 that are undeveloped" said Dr. Clark-Lowes. And taking into account current gas prices, the advancement of technology and infrastructure (especially new gas pipelines) a good part of these discoveries are now commercially viable. "Some are recently discovered and are being assessed for commerciality, e.g., the very significant Hess discovery offshore Sirt, A54/1" added Dr. Clark-Lowes. In other words, shale gas will be relevant in Libya, but there is still plenty of associated and non-associated gas, both undeveloped and yet-to-be discovered. And the decision between conventional and unconventional gas shall be primarily based onto economic considerations."

"Up to now, with conventional gas, the lion's share of the gas was exported via pipeline to Italy (ENI's Greenstream Pipeline) to Europe with small volumes also shipped in the form of L.N.G. to Spain."

"It's difficult to imagine different customers than the Europeans, who have to diversify their gas supplies from Russia."

"And it is' important to underline that China has the biggest world's reserve of shale gas with 1,275 TCF, and it could try to develop them in the future."

A warning from Queensland

(Showing Fracking and Farming areas)

Exxon's Mozambique LNG Acquisition Demonstrates Strategic Advantage

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