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When is an event no more a "rare natural phenomenon", but an industrial machinery?

At which moment, the orderly growth of over sized grass becomes a mono cultural cornfield, instead of apologizing it as a "rare kind of meadow"?

May the sheer abundance of current examples force the reader to think and question more  about the methodology and impact of climate control.

To find more, please research by using following key words: Geoarchitektur, geoengineering, ClimateControl, Klimakontrolle, Wasserhose, waterspout, desertfarming, desertfracking, fracking, sublimation, desublimation, CIA memorandum, SRM, TAI, SAI

Energy Efficiency of Ophelia!

What is the difference betwee Ophelia and the other storms like HarveyMaria, Jose etc.?

It is the shorter water transport distance from the Atlantic Ocean to the Fracking and DesertFarming sites in the deserts of North Africa and Arabia!

This is energy efficient ClimateControl!

The creation artificial waterspouts is the fastest method of water lifting, containing also the salt as aerosol building material.

The water, which was lifted by hurricane Irma has already reached the Arabian Desert!

How it is done?

After this first lift with an artificial whirling storm, the water is further elevated to the upper border of troposphere, which may be at altitudes between 8 km in the poles and 18 km at the equator, where the fine dust particles are sprayed layer on layer to bind and store the water in aerosol clouds (smog), lift it upwards and transport it by the wind streams.

Optimally the energy for such waterspouts has to come from above. but it can also be managed from the surface by creating two shifted opposite radiation lines. Compared to the amount of lifted water, the invested energy into the waterspout is like switching on an electrical gadget. The workable tension is already there, only a discharge channel needs to be opened!

Please at the following or other available examples. Obviously the directed energy comes from an flying object, possibly a remote controlled drone, which contains the required radiation system. It flies from the sea side to land. The direction of movement doesn't correlate with the flow of the wind. This type of application makes the waterspout (windspout) a geophysical weapon.

Please learn about desublimation and condensation!

Desublimation is the KEY to understand SRM (Sunlight Robbery Menace) and what chemtrails really mean!

United States (12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2011/0204159 A1
 Hurricane Steering from Orbit!
"Energy from the space-based power system is applied to a weather element, such as a hurricane, and alters the weather element to Weaken or dissipate the weather element. The weather element can be altered by changing a temperature of a section of a weather element, such as the eye of a hurricane, changing airflows, or changing a path of the weather element."

Systems and methods for affecting spinning atmospheric phenomena
US 20100002353 A1

"1. Technical Field
This invention relates to weather control in meteorology, and, more specifically, to the area of protection from spinning atmospheric phenomena such as tornadoes.

"5. The method of claim 1, further comprising placing a mobile power source in the area of the tornado, said mobile power source being in electrical communication with a plurality of stationary electrodes."

Philippines are directly attacked!

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Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

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