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Ozone Layer Fear Mongering!


1. The two sided sword.
2. Serving to distract from Troposphere
3. Destroyed by Ionosphere Heaters
4. The major offensive on the Ozonosphere

1. The two sided sword.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize by some friends, which wanted to talk about the Ionosphere in connection with geoengineering. In my intention to focus on the global scale climate engineering, also named "climate control" by the CIA, I refused to give much attention to it and wrote the next chapter to explain that CFC molecules cannot be reason for diminishing ozone layer. My explanation is not wrong but I need to extend it and this will be the next chapter, which is mainly the translated explanation of Ralf Zerbe about the destructing impact of ionosphere heaters on the ozonosphere. At this point, a special thanks to Ralf Zerbe!

Laboriously collects the squirrel and step by step together we peel ourselves  out of the onion.

So we have yet another confirmation, they distract from their active crime on the ozone layer, by talking about CFCs would be damaging it.

That by the way also apologizes a little bit Dane Wigington. He may be successfully distracted and not a framed fake authority and agent of the climate control mafia! For that part I say SORRY!

2. Serving to distract from Troposphere

The distraction scheme from troposphere to the stratosphere is manifolded. One of the frauds is about the damage on ozone layer caused by human activity.

First You should know what ozone is! It is the O3 molecule, three oxygen atoms bonded together! The oxygen we breathe in the troposphere is O2

By high energy like from UV rays coming from Sun or during other processes the O2 molecules may be split and rearranged as O3 ones.

Like any other kind of oxygen molecule, ozone easily reacts with other materials. So if a theory about damaging the ozone layer is developed any material could be defined as "dangerous". 

Ozone has following properties:

About ozone in English!

Molar mass of 48,00 g mol−1
Density of 2,144 kg·m−3 (0 °C)

All about ozone layer damage by CFC molecules is dumb fear mongering!

There is no reason to bother about the ozone layer being damaged by some chemicals produced at the surface level.

The ozone layer is part of the Stratosphere.
SRM chemtrails have to be applied within the Troposphere!

Let us consider Chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC).

Comparing the molar mass:

HCFC  -  86.47 g/mol
CO2  -  44.01 g/mol.
H2O  -  18,01528 g/mol.

Comparing the density:

HCFC  -  3.66 kg/m3
CO2  -  1.977
H2O  -  1 g/cm³

So You see this material is very heavy. If the light H2O remains within the Troposphere and is unable to rise into the Stratosphere and CO2 remains near the surface, how should the CFC rise up to the ozone layer?

Consider that about 80% of air mass and 99% of all atmospheric water exists only in the troposphere.

Think by Yourself please dear reader.

The scam about ozone layer served and serves as a fear mongering tool and is part of the ClimateControl scam!

So no reason to distract from the main crime!

Density of molecules!


It is not a coincidence that one of the top Climatism priestsPaul J. Crutzen, was serving as science actor to publish about dangers for stratosphere!

OZON hat eine 220 jährige Geschichte.
[ Ozone has a 220 year history.

"1971: Entdeckung der katalytischen Ozonvernichtung durch Stickoxide (NOX) durch Paul J. Crutzen (Meteorologe) im Zuge der Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von Abgasen der Überschallflugzeuge auf die Atmosphäre."

[1971: Detection of catalytic ozone destruction by nitrogen oxides (NOx) by Paul J Crutzen (meteorologist) by analyzing the impact of exhaust gases of hyper sound air planes in the atmosphere.]

"Er  erkannte auch, daß andere Substanzen wie Chlor, Brom und Natrium Ozon zerstören könnten, maß diesen Stoffen jedoch wenig bedeutung bei, da zu dieser zeit keine natürliche Quelle in der Stratosphäre bekannt war."

[He also realized that other materials like chlorine, bromine, and natrium could destroy ozone, but did not consider them as important, because for them no natural sources were known in those times.]

3. Destroyed by Ionosphere Heaters

Understanding the impact of HAARP on ozone layer!

Ralf Zerbe New Insights...
"These are the frequencies, which have to be run in a row, to "drive" the clouds. 

Everyone and everything in natur has a frequency and 1.45 MHz is the natural frequency of the Ionosphere. This frequency is known the zyklotron or gyroscopic frequency because of the gyro-movement of the electron, if they move forward in spiral shape, instead of turning around magnetic field lines.

As the ionosphere is near the gyroscopic frequency, it is very sensitive for AM Broadcast (520MHz - 1.610MHz). When we transmit radio waves at gyro-frequency range, this electromagnetic energy is transfered into the ionosphere, which stimulates the gyroscopic movement of the electrons and results in the spreading of plasma waves onto the magnetic field lines of the Earth, which lead to the North Pole.

The transmit- / plasma-wave-energy (-) flows along the wave duct and intensifies itself, when it comes near to the polar circle area, which leads to the overstep of ions (+) and electrons (-), resulting of the buildup of NO2. 

Broadcast television uses a frequency, which suppresses the ionic acoustic turbulences, wich disturb the way of the gyro-energy. This buffers the gyro-energy and mitigates partly the release of electrons ozone depletion process

All this gyro-energie consumes our ozone ... our most important resource to protect from the Sun.

Now, if You take the wave fan, look into this graphic, there are points of intersection, which exactly accord with the location of HAARP facilities.

The direction and drive of the electronic streams is striking, which have a direction of south to north-east.

It is comparable with the roundup of a herd to compel them into a dedicated direction. This is the reason why it is warm and hot in the south and cold and wet in the north. The temperatures in this week were despite the sunshine about 18°C, while the south claimed about heat and drought."

4. The major offensive on the Ozonosphere

I further correct myself and peel the next skin of the onion!

They made research on CFOs and other materials and want to bring them into the stratosphere, to drop out the ozone from there and let the intensive radiation reach the surface of the Earth without filtering impediment!

The criminals want to deplete the ozone layer from the stratosphere to use the extreme radiation for mining the water cycle! More intensive energy drives more water into the troposphere!

They want to use ionospheric radiators to carve out icebergs, glaciers and evaporate more water all over the Earth, particularly lift up more water from the oceans into the troposphere and sell it on the "global water market".

In parallel they get the ultimate global weapon by combining the complex of radiation extreme rain, hail and lightning!

They don't lie about all that, but announce it on all channels!

Recognize, the ugly, ruthless scum settles in HARVARD!


Aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into the stratosphere NEXT YEAR, but scientists warn the results could be 'catastrophic'


  • Experts will test the feasibility of 'solar geoengineering' to stop global warming
  • Material will be pumped into the stratosphere to reflect the sun's rays
  • Researchers will test a range of materials that could be used at scale in future
  • But scientists have warned of the potential 'catastrophic' consequences

Harvard Scientists Say It's Time to Think About Engineering the Climate
BRIAN MERCHANT Nov 21 2014, 5:30pm

Is This Plan to Combat Climate Change Insane or Insanel
y Genius?

Harvard physicist David Keith wants to use two jets and one million tons of sulfur dioxide a year to halt global warming
Read more: 

One of the mythological monsters is fully engaged!
Realize this mug! This is the grimace of a dumb ruthless criminal!

By Rohan Sharma -March 30, 2017

Look, this is the perspective of the climate criminals with their satellites, radar systems and sensors of the atmosphere. It is a mountain bearing an enormous treasure, which they are already mining!

Climate Change Erodes the Ozone Layer

Harvard Scientists Plan World's Largest Geoengineering Study
Apr 03, 2017 11:33 AM EDTBy Mark Spencer, UniversityHerald Reporter

"A pair of climate scientists from Harvard plans to undertake an ambitious $20 million project to seed the atmosphere with aerosols to simulate the atmospheric cooling effects of a volcanic eruption, touted as the world's largest solar geoengineering program that will officially launch within a few weeks."

Harvard scientists identify aerosol that can cool the planet and repair the ozone layer at the same time
By tech2 News Staff / 13 Dec 2016 , 13:47

Mitigating the risk of geoengineeringAerosols could cool the planet without ozone damage
By Leah Burrows December 12, 2016

Anytime you introduce even initially unreactive surfaces into the stratosphere, you get reactions that ultimately result in ozone destruction as they are coated with sulfuric acid,” said Keutsch. “Instead of trying to minimize the reactivity of the aerosol, we wanted a material that is highly reactive but in a way that would avoid ozone destruction.

Don't we already experience all that?
Changing water cycle, which results in drought, storms, flooding, wars and mass migration?

Dammed! We are in the midst of the lunacy!

Scientists launch solar geoengineering study
MENAFN - Gulf Times - 24/03/2017

"Kevin Trenberth, a lead author for the UN's intergovernmental panel on climate change, said that despair at sluggish climate action, and the rise of Donald Trump were feeding the current tech trend.
'But solar geoengineering is not the answer, he said. 'Cutting incoming solar radiation affects the weather and hydrological cycle. It promotes drought. It destabilises things and could cause wars. The side effects are many and our models are just not good enough to predict the outcomes.
Natural alterations to the earth's radiation balance can be short-lasting, but terrifying."

NASA scientists: A strange thing is happening in the stratosphere

"For 60 years, scientists have watched the wind circulation patterns in the stratosphere, that stretch of the atmosphere that extends about 10 to 30 miles above the Earth. And in all that time, they have remained the same, that is, until late in 2015."

"The wind circulation pattern is called the "quasi-biennial oscillation" or QBO. NASA scientists have been observing it since 1953, and it did not appear to have any impact on weather or climate as we experience it on the Earth's surface."

"The QBO's wind circulation is a recurring pattern that takes place every 28 months, miles above the Earth's surface. And this almost clock-like recurring pattern has had scientists wondering what would happen if it suddenly changed. What would it mean, and what effects would it have?"

"The quasi-biennial oscillation is the stratosphere's Old Faithful," said Paul Newman, Chief Scientist for Earth Sciences at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, according to Science News Online. "If Old Faithful stopped for a day, you'd begin to wonder about what was happening under the ground."

"They found that the oscillation effect has an impact on the ozone levels in the polar regions. We know, too, that large volcanic eruptions or meteorite impacts can fling particles up into the stratosphere where they may linger for months, affecting the Earth's global climate."

The capital crime has already been committed, now they look for an idiot patsy, who should take the blame! 

The Stratosphere Did Something Weird, and We Don't Know Why
Did humans break the stratosphere?

Scientists Baffled by Strange Disruption of Wind Pattern in Earth's StratosphereBy John Raphael Sep 05, 2016 04:22 AM EDT

Remember, after extensive research in the 1940s and 1950s, the climate control begins officially under the leadership of the CIA in 1960!

Sudden change in Stratospheric wind patterns for the first time in 60 years: NASA
Scientists at the NASA have been observing steadily circulating wind pattern in the tropical stratosphere for six decades. The earth's surface and the pattern remained same till 2015.

Where is anything about he impact of the HAARP facilities spread all over the world?

Weren't they built to blow up the ionosphere and let the magnetic field of the Earth be shaken punctually!

NASA: Space Weather And Radiation Bubble Are Linked To Human Activity 05/19/2017 10:16 pm ET | Updated May 27, 2017
Cold War high-altitude nuclear explosions resulted in extra radiation close to Earth.

For now we have only one hero, who can use the support of same minded and finish the ugly game of the crime gang!

Is the ozone layer is capable of restoring/repairing itself?

Sure it can. Ozone is O3 which is build naturally. What they do is to drop the oxygen from stratosphere. But when they stop trashing the stratosphere, the same rate of oxygen will diffuse upwards from troposphere to the stratosphere and build O3 molecules again.


The reverse reading of the following article shows that they are already spraying dichloromethane to reduce the ozone layer and propagandist tune in the humanint reproach it for producing too much of it. They need the unfiltered radiation in order to operate the climate control even more efficiently.

Molar mass:   84,93 g·mol−1
Appearance:    fluid
Density:   1,33 g/cm³
Boiling point:   39,6 °C
Formula:   CH2Cl2
Refractive index:   1,4242 (20 °C)

Vapor pressure:    470 hPa (20 °C)[1]
Other names:   Methylene chloride, Methylenechloride, methylene dichloride, Solmethine, Narkotil, Solaesthin, Di-clo, Refrigerant-30 Freon-30, R-30, DCM, UN 1593, MDC

„Diese Substanz hatten wir bislang nicht auf dem Radar“
["We did not have his substance on our radar"]Von Walter Willems | Stand: 27.06.2017

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