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Earthquakes for Fracking!


1. Natural and artificial earthquakes
2. Collection of News and Documents
3. Earth is cracking under fracking!
4. Fracking earthquakes are killing Italians!
5. Netherlands stops fracking after earthquakes!
6. Fracking cases earthquakes in Africa!
7. Other earthquakes for fracking!

1. Natural and artificial earthquakes

Please first look at this video, as all fracking begins with Gasbuggy!

It is like talking about clouds, growing grass, trees, blowing wind etc. as all these exist also naturally. Having something in nature, doesn't mean that it cannot be induced artificially. For a layman it may be hard to see the difference between natural and industrial clouds, because when the knowledge is missed, the imagination cannot develop.

So how can we see the difference between natural and artificial earthquakes? 

How can we associate earthquakes with any seismic activity?

It is simple, we observe if any tool of seismic blasting, any kind of "research" or production activities for hydraulic fracturing of shale oil and gas is done in a region.

Even that correlation may now become hard, because particularly in the USA no region is safe from fracking. Earthquakes and poisoning is the "new normal". Now hydraulic fracturing is applied all over the world. People die in Latin America, New Zealand, Indonesia and elsewhere. It is not very difficult to observe the result. The fracking sites and wells can be seen on satellite images from google or other providers. You just need to learn how they look.

We cannot assume that the perpetrators trigger earthquakes just for fun and without any profitable intention. The earthquakes are always part of the preparation and extension of a shale gas extraction site.

They may use also other technologies, but the foremost method are huge explosions, probably with civil nuclear explosives, which always cause a detectable earthquake. I don't buy the idea, that it is only caused by pressing water into the wells, because before they can press the water the rock formation need to be already cracked. 

Look at the following video and imagine, such or a much bigger mining demolitions for fracking for offshore gas and petrol, some kilometers under the ground of the coasts!

Would this trigger a deadly earthquake like the ones in Haiti, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Greenland, Norway, New Zealand etc.?

You just need this example as an analogy, to understand the earthquakes caused by fracking!

They press the water vapor, together with fine quartz sand and some oil binding chemicals, probably Tensides, after the rock is brocken in fine pieces. The quartz sand server as a separator material to prevent the closure of rock fissures.

Sometimes, the explosion serves as a leverage for triggering a huge and disastrous earthquake. As long as the geoengineering mafia is not under control and not disclosing its criminal activities by hiding behind state secret protection, apologized by the need for "energy security", we should assume any earthquake on Earth as a criminal act.

How can we forget the death and damage in Haiti, Italy, Costa Rica, Indonesia etc. etc.

2. Collection of News and Documents

Earthquakes! Fracking Can Trigger Earthquakes
"Multiple studies have concluded that injection increases the likelihood that large earthquakes elsewhere will set off earthquakes near the injection site. Instances of remote triggering happen when faults are “critically loaded” with high pressures of fluid.5"

It's Official: Injection of Fracking Wastewater Caused Kansas’ Biggest Earthquake
Energy Oct. 14, 2016 10:45AM EST
"The Wichita Eagle noted from the study that this man-made quake, which hit 40 miles southwest of Wichita and felt as far away as Memphis, likely came from just one or two nearby wells. The publication ominously noted that, "one of those two wells, operated by SandRidge Energy, is still injecting water at the same level as when the earthquake occurred two years ago."
The USGS scientists believe that the 4.9-magnitude earthquake was triggered by wastewater injection for the following reasons:"

Induced Earthquakes

"Within the central and eastern United States, the number of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past few years. Between the years 1973–2008, there was an average of 21 earthquakes of magnitude three and larger in the central and eastern United States. This rate jumped to an average of 99 M3+ earthquakes per year in 2009–2013, and the rate continues to rise. In 2014, alone, there were 659 M3 and larger earthquakes. Most of these earthquakes are in the magnitude 3–4 range, large enough to have been felt by many people, yet small enough to rarely cause damage. There were reports of damage from some of the larger events, including the M5.6 Prague, Oklahoma earthquake and the M5.3 Trinidad, Colorado earthquake."
"This increase in earthquakes prompts two important questions:
  • Are they natural, or man-made?
  • What should be done in the future as we address the causes and consequences of these events to reduce associated risks?"

"Increasing Rate of Earthquakes Beginning in 2009"
The real Hockey Stick!


Oil and gas wastewater is changing the Earth's surface, study finds
"That process has sparked a wave of earthquakes across the central United States, transforming the Earth both above and below the surface, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science."

"Wastewater not only puts pressure on underground fault lines, causing "inducedearthquakes, but also pushes up the surface of the ground — a phenomenon called "uplifting" that can be seen from space."

"Researchers used satellite images of ground uplifting to show how wastewater disposal in eastern Texas eventually triggered a magnitude-4.8 earthquake in May 2012, the largest earthquake recorded in that half of the Lone Star state."


LNG: Having spent $200b to export gas, is Australia about to import it?

World’s Biggest Seismic Testing “Blast” Ship – Amazon Warrior – Parked on top of New Zealand Fault Line
Source: Media Whores, November 14, 2016

Study confirms link between fracking, earthquakes in Western Canada

Earthquake Experts: Yes, Fracking Earthquakes Are A Thing
May 3rd, 2014 by Tina Casey

Study Confirms Earthquakes In Ohio Were Triggered By Fracking

New Report: Offshore Fracking Threatens California's Ocean, Air, Seismic Safety
"10 Widely Used Fracking Chemicals Endanger Marine Life, Analysis Finds"

New Zealand Earthquake: The world’s biggest offshore seismic blasting ship the Amazon Warrior

Sizing up the dangers of oil exploration along the East Coast

Why quakes weren't caused by seismic blasting or 'unzipping' faultline

Speaker: Benefits of seismic blasting not worth the risks

World’s Biggest Seismic Testing “Blast” Ship – Amazon Warrior – Parked on top of New Zealand Fault Line

Earthquake Experts: Yes, Fracking Earthquakes Are A Thing

Magnitude 6.3 quake hits southern Peru

6.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off California coast

In Canada, a Direct Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes

This Is How Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes

Today's biggest earthquakes.

Earthquakes in Pennsylvaniaby David Pacchioli, January 25, 2017
"Then there are the reasons related to oil and gas activities—induced seismicity, possibly by fracking and more probably by wastewater disposal."

Seismograph traces due to blasting activity look very different from those due to earthquakes (shown above).
Image: Courtesy of Andrew Nyblad

3. Earth is cracking under fracking!

Large and growing crack in mountain causes power shut down in Logan Town, Pennsylvania

Giant crack appears in the foothills of Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
Drone footage shows very large earth crack on Britain's Jurassic Coast

Large and growing earth crack causes severe damage to Aponte, Colombia

Mexico City is sinking! More gigantic earthcracks in Valley of Mexico

Massive earth crack swallows 6 km of road, Paraguay

Vasquez Canyon Road, California suffers extensive distortion on a longer time frame

4. Fracking earthquakes are killing Italians!

Sblocca Italia: Extractivism made in Italy

"The Unlock Italy Law, recently passed in the Italian parliament, is a festival of deregulation and legalised plunder. From fossil fuel extraction to construction permits, the country is put on sale to restart growth. But from the targeted territories, social movements are waging resistance. And they bring another idea of prosperity."

Earthquakes and fracking, international studies reveal relationship: "pay more attention to a country as fragile as Italy"
"It is evidence, facts studied worldwide as evidenced by the recent article by 'Scientific American' for which earthquakes can be caused by fracking and drilling of oil and gas,"

Italy’s deadly earthquake is the latest in a history of destruction

Italian oil drilling referendum, 2016,_2016
"A referendum on oil and natural gas drilling was held in Italy on 17 April 2016.[1] The referendum was on the proposed repealing of a law that allows gas and oil drilling concessions extracting hydrocarbon within 12 nautical miles of the Italian coast to be prolonged until the exhaustion of the useful life of the fields."

"Although 86% voted in favour of repealing the law, the turnout of 31% was below the majority threshold required to validate the result.[2]"

Italian region says fracking may have caused quakes

"Italy's Emilia-Romagna region has suspended new drilling as it published a report that warned that hydrocarbon exploitation may have acted as a "trigger" in twin earthquakes that killed 26 people in 2012."

"The scientific report, published on Tuesday, was commissioned after the quakes amid popular anger over alleged links to drilling activities, particularly an oil field, a gas storage facility and a geothermal energy plant in the area."

"The report said that activity at the Mirandola oil fields "may have contributed to trigger the Emilia seismic activity" although it did not "induce" it."

"It found that the last previous tremor in the region and the first quake on May 20 were "statistically correlated with an increase of extraction and injection activity" at one of the Mirandola fields."

"The report was authored by an international committee of scientists led by Peter Styles, a professor of applied geophysics at Keele University in Britain."

C’è un legame tra fracking e terremoti?
[ Is there a link between fracking and earhtquakes? ]
"Una serie di scosse avvenute nella cittadina di Timpson sarebbe stata causata dall’iniezione nel sottosuolo di acqua reflua derivata dall’attività di estrazione"
["A series of shocks that occurred in the town of Timpson was caused by the injection into the ground of waste water derived from the activity of extraction"]

Fracking in Italia?
"Shale gas is produced by means of hydraulic fracturing based on pumping a mixture of water and chemicals into boreholes at high pressure in order to crack up the rock and release the gas. This inevitably leads to environmental damage. Apart from huge water consumption, this production method may lead to pollution of underground water and even provoke seismic activity. And as far as Europe is concerned, it is still too early to talk about large-scale production potential."

Fracking, chi dice ‘in Italia mai’?

[ "Fracking, who says 'never in Italy'? ]

5. Netherlands stops fracking after earthquakes!

Shell and Exxon's €5bn problem: gas drilling that sets off earthquakes and wrecks homes

"Groningen has been one of Europe’s richest gas fields for 30 years, and thousands of people say their homes have been damaged by the tremors that drilling sets off. Now a class action may finally bring them compensation – and force a rethink of European energy security"

Shored-up homes are a common sight in earthquake-hit Groningen

"Natural gas drilling in Groningen provides 70% of the Netherlands’ gas supply, but has caused thousands of earthquakes, escalating in intensity over the last few decades."

6. Fracking cases earthquakes in Africa!

Did fracking in Botswana cause Johannesburg to tremble?

7. Other earthquakes for fracking!

Schweres Erdbeben der Stärke 7,0 vor Mexikos Westküste: 

Erdbeben der Stärke 8,1 in Mexiko:

Schweres Erdbeben erschüttert türkische Küste:

Lesbos kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Wieder starke Erdstöße in der Ägäis 
"Immer wieder kommt es im nördlichen Teil der Nordsee zu Erdbeben. Ein Zusammenhang zur Erdölförderung wird oft vermutet, eindeutige Beweise gibt es aber nicht. (cho)"

This one may be more as Geophypsical Warfare!

Erdbeben der Stärke 5,8 in der Nähe von Nordkorea registriert:

Seebeben erschüttert Mittelmeerinsel Kreta
16.07.2017, 09:15 Uhr | Alexia Angelopoulou, dpa

"Ein Seebeben der Stärke 5,3 auf der Richterskala hat am späten Samstagabend die Mittelmeerinsel Kreta erschüttert. Das Zentrum lag nur wenige Kilometer südöstlich der Küste der Insel."

"Zeugen berichteten von einem lauten Brummen gegen 23.30 Uhr (Ortszeit), bevor sekundenlang die Erde wackelte. Über Schäden war bis zum Sonntagmorgen nichts bekannt. In der Nacht verzeichnete das Seismologische Zentrum Europa-Mittelmeer etliche Nachbeben."

The NLP spinners of the climate control mafia have designed a new notion for the scam: "cascadian megaquakes"

This cascade of earthquakes, where some may also be "mega" is nothing else but a chain of huge deep subsurface explosions to fracture the rock for pressing out the oil and gas out of it, but the criminal henchmen have a fraudy explanation for us, the sheeple.

But please read to learn how they connect earthquakes with "natural gas" reserves. :-)

Revising an Innovative Way to Study Cascadia Megaquakes

"Using data collected on a cruise by the R/V Marcus G. Langseth, the researchers found significant variations in temperature within this section of the Cascadia subduction zone, as well as signs ofgas hydrates (ice-like deposits that form from natural gas at the bottom of the ocean) throughout the region. They also detected that most fluids from the deep move upward through the accretionary wedge instead of through the crust, which is different than in most other subduction zones. This change in fluid pathway prevents the plate from cooling and reduces the area where an earthquake might rupture along the two plates: completely within the accretionary wedge, rather than under the continental plate."

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